What is Rancho Guejito?

The Guejito Ranch looms ahead as either the biggest development or conservation site remaining in San Diego County. The Guejito Ranch contains Rancho Guejito y Canada de Paloma, the last remaining intact Mexican land grant in California which dates back to 1845 and the day's of the days of the Dons and Californios. At about 22,000 acres including the original Mexican land grant of around 13,000 acres and the historic Vineyard Ranch of 4500 acres, whatever happens on the Guejito is sure to have an impact on the future character of the County and on the people who live here. It is nearly as large as the nearby City of Escondido and could contain not just another planned development but an new community or it might be San Diego's premier natural preserve and a State Park as it very nearly was in 1974.

Map of Rancho Guejito's Location
While large the Guejito remains unknown to many. It is east
of Escondido, South of Valley Center, and north of Ramona

It's unspoiled and entirely undeveloped nature with large tracts of scarce habitats, wide open grasslands, and oak covered hillsides make it the envy of conservation advocates. It virtually contains the entire 17,800 acre watershed of Guejito Creek. At last report there is not a paved road, a utility line, easement or underground pipeline, nor is there a permanent resident on it's uninterrupted 22,000 acres. It does appear that the ranch is a throw back to the days of yore but it is not entirely by chance that development has not occurred there previously.  Although the Guejito is just outside Escondido it is out of the way of the routes of commerce. has a limited water supply, and is isolated by the rugged terrain that surrounds it.

Despite the obvious difficulties of development the owner has said that she will continue

How big is the Guejito?
Map of How big is The Guejito?
Wow, if I move the Guejito over here it can reach
from Escondido to Vista. That would be a lot more
profitable to develop!

to press forward with development plans until successful. Conservationists adamantly oppose any development at all. These pages are dedicated to illuminating the character of the property and investigating potential options ahead in a documented fashion. As the Ranch's future will impact the community so the community should be informed about the Ranch. What happens to the Guejito is both a public and private issue.

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Location of the Rancho Guejito PropertyRancho Guejito Location